St Thomas of Canterbury Junior School, Brentwood


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Teaching Staff (April 2020)

Mr D. Moran


Headteacher, Collective Worship, Target Tracker, Designated Safeguarding lead (DSL)

Mrs C. Coughtrey


Deputy Headteacher, Lower School Leader, English Subject Leader & Library, Assessment, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, (Class 4CG)

Mrs S. Antrobus


Upper School Leader, Computing Subject Leader, Senior Leadership Team (Class 5A)

Mrs J. Watts


SENCo, Senior Leadership Team
(Part-time - 3 days a week)

Miss S. Pullin


Maths Subject Leader, P.E. Subject Leader and Healthy Schools, NQT Induction Tutor, Senior Leadership Team (Class 6P)

Mrs. J. Sherwood


PSHE Subject Leader (Class 3S)

Miss E. Berner


P.E. Subject Leader and Healthy Schools (Class 3B)

Miss P. Blake


Art & Display Subject Leader (Class 4B)

Mrs M. Pritchard


MFL/Spanish Subject Leader, Website administrator (Class 4P)

Mrs M. Sprake


Geography Subject Leader, Eco-Schools (Class 5S)

Ms D. Marshall


D & T Subject Leader (Class 6M)

Mrs J. Wild


Science Subject Leader (Class 6W)

Mrs A. Dunn


Music Subject Leader, PPA Cover Teacher (Part-time - 2 days a week)

Mrs. T. Ashby


STEM Subject Leader, PPA Cover Teacher (Part-time - 2 days a week)

Mrs E. Yeates


R.E. Subject Leader, Year 5 Booster Groups, PPA Cover teacher
(Part-time - 2 days a week)

Mrs N. Maskell


Year 4 Booster Groups, One to One Tutor (Part-time)

Mrs L. Whitaker


Year 4 Booster Groups, One to One Tutor (Part-time)

Mrs S. Cassidy


Year 5 Booster Groups, One to One Tutor (Part-time)

Mrs E. Gore


History Subject Leader, PPA/DHT Cover Teacher (Part-time - 2 days a week)

Mrs A. Adams


PPA Cover Teaccher (Part-time)

Mrs J. Backhouse


PPA Cover Teacher, One to One Tutor (Part-time)


Teaching Assistants (SEND)

Mrs R. Cable
Mrs L. Cornwell
Mrs S. Dansey
Mrs B. Eyo
Mrs D. Finck
Mrs H. Forder
Miss K. Forder
Mrs N. Hodges
Mrs S. Moore
Mrs J. Passmore
Mrs P. Polley
Mrs K. Wilson

Administrative Staff
Mr H. Plush Bursar
Mrs C. Carvell Admin Staff
Mrs A. Lawrence Admin Staff
Mr C. Powis Caretaker

Midday Assistants:
Mrs W. Bland
Mrs K. Bonnett
Mrs J. Chivers
Mrs S. Dabbiru
Mrs S. Dansey (Senior MDA)
Mrs C. Emery
Mrs B. Eyo
Miss K. Forder (Sports Premium)
Mrs E. Hart
Mrs N. Hodges
Miss A. Marsh
Mrs K. Martin
Mrs S. Moore
Ms J. Passmore
Mrs K. Wilson

Cleaning Staff:
Mrs K. Bonnett
Mrs S. Dansey
Mrs D. Powis

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