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Learning at Home resources

Learning at Home

Information and documents to support learning at home are available here.

Thank you for all your support with your children's learning.
If there are any areas which your child has struggled with, or excelled at, please record this in your child's homework diary as this will be useful feedback for when we return to school. Please also continue to record the reading your child is doing with you.

Please also remember that each year group has an email address if you have a specific question regarding the work set, or wish to share your work or any pictures from home.

St Thomas' Weekly Challenge
This week your challenge is to take part in our Virtual Sports Day. You will need to send in a photo
or short video of you completing one of the activities, so points can be awarded to your House.
Information has been sent out on Parenthub, and is available by clicking on the links below:
Letter about Virtual Sports Day; Scorecard; Certificate

Worship at home - Summer Week 11
Please click here for suggestions for Worship at Home.
As previously, there are links to videos to watch to explain aspects of the week's worship themes, suggestions for songs and a daily prayer.

Services at St Thomas of Canterbury Church
Services and Daily Prayers are being streamed live by Father Mark.
You can follow him on Facebook or via the church website.

Year 3
Summer Term Week 11
Letter from the Year 3 Team

Maths: Powerpoint for the Week
Monday - Drawing Lines
Tuesday - Drawing 2-D Shapes
Wednesday - Drawing 3-D Shapes
Thursday - Word Problems involving shape
Friday - 3-D Objects Nets;
Matching nets worksheet

Extension Activities

2-D Shapes; 3-D Shapes

Answers for the week

English: Activities for the Week


Week 11 spellings

Year 4
Summer Term Week 11
Letter from the Year 4 Team

Maths: Activities for the week
Monday - See Activities for the week
Tuesday - See Activities for the week
Wednesday - Negative Numbers Powerpoint; Activity Sheet; Answers
Thursday - Negative Numbers Powerpoint 2;
Challenge Cards - including answers
Friday - Emoji Mystery Challenge; Answers
Arithmetic Test; Arithmetic Test Answers

English: Poetry - Creating Images - Overview
Powerpoint for the week

Monday - Personification Activity Sheets
Tuesday - The Car Monster; Poem Planning Sheet; Figurative Language Planning Sheet
Wednesday - see powerpoint
Thursday - see powerpoint
Friday - Performance Checklist

Comprehension: Wayne Rooney
Text; Questions; Answers

This week the challenge is to review all the spellings so far this half-term - full list available here
Dont forget to use to help you

Lower School
Please click here for Foundation Subject Overview for this half-term.
Resources are available below (for the half-term)

Plants Project

Species Guide

Great Plant Hunt Identikit

"Gospel" Activity Pack

Powerpoint:Good Samaritan Day

Chembakoli Powerpoint
Lesson 1: Map1; Map 2
Lesson 3:
A Place called home; Mud Huts;
Making Mud Bricks

Athletics and Yoga Activity Pack

Powerpoint - Rangoli
Dotted Paper
Activity ideas - Treasure Island and The Orchestra

Online Safety at Home Activity Pack

Handa's Surprise Challenge
Story Powerpoint
Spanish/English story text
Spanish Pronunciation

PSHE: Wellbeing

Information for Adults
Worksheets 1; 2; 3; 4

Please make regular use of Purple Mash, Espresso, BBC Bitesize and Times Tables Rockstars.
Also, use the time at home to learn to touch type - Use 2type on Purple Mash or try
Another new website to try:

Please click on the relevant link below for previous weeks' work, and answers.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Week 10 Answers

Week 10 Answers
see below

Week 10 Answers
See below

Week 10 Answers
see below

Summer Term Week 10 Work

Maths: Powerpoint for the Week
Monday - Identifying Right Angles
Tuesday - Comparing Right Angles
Wednesday - Vertical or Horizontal?
Thursday - Parallel or Perpendicular?
Friday - Times Tables - see Powerpoint
Extension Activities
Right Angles; Turns; Comparing Angles; Vertical or Horizontal; Parallel or Perpendicular

English: Activities for the Week
Can an Aardvark Bark Story Powerpoint

Planning Document
Week 1 Activities
Week 2 Activities

Week 10 spellings

Comprehension: Letter and Comprehension pack
(including answers)
Reading Vipers Explanation pdf

Summer Term Week 10 Work

Maths: Activities for the week
Monday - Powerpoint; Activity
Tuesday - Powerpoint; Activity Sheet; Extension Activity
Wednesday - Powerpoint;
Activity Sheet
Thursday - Powerpoint; Blank quadrants sheet
Friday - Powerpoint - includes activities

Arithmetic Test; Answers

English: Poetry - Creating Images - Overview
Powerpoint for the week

Monday - Figurative Language Powerpoint; Figurative Language poster; Matching Cards C1; Matching Cards C2/3
Tuesday - Poems
Wednesday - Dragon Song poem; Preparing for Performance; Checklist
Thursday - see powerpoint
Friday - The Car Monster poem

Comprehension: Poems about the Weather
Text and Questions; Answers

Spelling List for Summer Term Week 10

Summer Term Week 10 work
Timetable for the week

Monday: Translations; Answers
Tuesday: Reflections; Answers
Wednesday: Metric Units - length; Metric Units - Capacity; Answers
Thursday: Volume of a cuboid; Answers
Arithmetic - Summer 10 Test (including answers)

Monday: Comprehension
Tuesday: Powerpoint; Match; Advert examples
Wednesday: Powerpoint; Boxing Up grid; Paris; Wordmat
Thursday: Powerpoint; Persuasive Techniques; Support Mat; Rio Olympics Powerpoint
Friday: Your Advert Powerpoint

Week 10 Spellings

Summer Term Week 8 work

Timetable for Day 16 - 20
Timetable for Day 21-25


Day 19 - Fraction of an Amount; Answers
Day 20 - Family Challenge; Answers
Day 21 - Measuring
Day 22 - Finding Averages; Answers
Day 23 - Scatter Graphs and Correlation; Answers

Day 19 - Beano Project
Day 20 - Spelling
Day 21; NCR Plan (pdf); NCR Plan (Word)
Day 22; Letter to my teacher
Day 23

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