2021 Summer Term - Upper School - St Thomas of Canterbury Junior School

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2021 Summer Term - Upper School

Curriculum Advice for Parents

Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope that the information below will give you helpful details of planned work for this term. Please assist your son/daughter in exploring and discussing these areas. We trust you continue to find the homework diary useful and intend to continue to suggest activities in it. All year groups will be having English and Mathematics lessons every day. The most important way to help your children is to read with them on a daily basis. The more you read together the better they will do in school and (this is not an overstatement) in life! “Families that read together succeed together.” We will continue to stay in our bubbles for all lessons. As noted in the autumn and spring term curriculum overviews, Geography and History are both taught on a rolling two-week programme, teaching every subject every other week as opposed to teaching them in blocks a term at a time. Please continue to refer to the homework diary for general reminders about expectations, such as those relating to uniform. Thank you for your continued support.
Examples of areas we plan to cover

Art & Design
This term we will be studying Pop Art with a focus on the artist ‘Andy Warhol’. We will be studying his art work and using this to inspire and influence our own art work. This unit will also link with our History topic of ‘The Changing Power of the Monarchy.’

This term the children will learn how bags are designed for different purposes and people. They will learn that designers must address a range of needs when designing bags, e.g. appearance, safety, comfort, practicality and size. Children will learn about making accurate patterns/templates and detailed working drawings.

This term the children will be exploring the risks associated with online gaming and how to play safely online. They will also be looking at instant messaging services and sending appropriate content. We will then be moving onto photo editing on Microsoft Word and data collection/representation on Microsoft Excel.

The children will learn about the tourism industry and the different types of holiday’s people like to go on, from adventure holidays to eco-tourism. They will find out about how the industry and the influx of holiday-goers can change an area, both for its benefit and its detriment.

Our History topic this term will be: ‘The Changing Power of the Monarchy.’ The children will learn about Kings and Queens of our nation, with a focus on how they influenced public life.

Due to remote learning last term and therefore only just beginning our keyboard lessons on our return, we will be continuing with these lessons this term. The children will develop their understanding of reading music, learn to play pieces with confidence in the right hand and when ready add chords and backing rhythms.

This term the children will develop their balancing skills in Gymnastics. They will work on running, jumping and throwing in Games as well as developing their fundamental skills in striking and fielding.

This term the children will be learning about, Mental Health, Relationships and Changes to their lives; as we prepare them to transition into new year groups and classes. We will also be completing sessions explaining puberty and for Year 6 only conception to birth as part of our RSE teaching.

We will be looking at the big question, ‘What do Christians believe Jesus did to save human beings?’ We will be identifying ways in which Christians have made sacrifices for Jesus. We will then contemplate the big question, ‘What does it mean if God is holy and loving?’

Our Science topic this term is ‘Forces.’ We will understand, explain and test: gravity, pushes/pulls, friction, levers and pulleys. We will use instruments such as Newton meters, rulers and data loggers to make precise measurements. We will also find out about physicists, such as Isaac Newton, to further our understanding. Later on in the term, we will look at how living things are adapted to their environment and how they have changed over time.

This term we will be exploring the names of wild animals through the storybook ‘Caminando por la jungla’ (Walking through the jungle), as well as looking at how to express different emotions.

You may like to talk to your child about these topics. The prospectus (which details how the different subjects are taught) is available for download by clicking here.

In addition, you may also wish to:

: research ideas at the local library and help your child to develop his/her library skills;

: search the internet for relevant websites and activities;

: watch relevant television programmes that may support their work, or visit a museum or place of interest;

: simply talk to your child about what they are learning!

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